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Thursday, August 28, 2014


.malam ni terbukak satu folder dalam ext.harddisk WD yg mmg sgt tahan lame dan tahan lasak nih. & tetbe ter'reminiscing' d ol gud time masa mude2 high skewl dlu.. (cewahh).. life as a high skewl student, I mean, from year 2001-2005 were great. thou that time I wasnt rly contented wif what I have (not rly an active students in school and i just do my own thing), but when i looked back at these days, it reminds me on how carefree & simple i was back then.
back to the topic.

start fanatik dengan band OAG confirmlah first sebab lagu2 dorang yg mmg masukk sgt lah gan jiwa time tuh. 2nd..of coz lah bcuz of the the vocalist. mr radi razaleee....tuuu. yg dulu mmg cute.. tp skrg cam dah tua utk disukai mcm dlu2. pfft nway i never support any music band like i support his band...for sure.

but still, bila bukak folder lagu OAG, mmg still layan. antara my fave ...
-wheel of pop tune-
-60s tv-
-for whatever-
-knocked silly-

...and the list goes on...tak boleh nak mention semua.. sbb mostly are my fave. pfft

even my gmail account pun ( is made up from 2 of his songs. venusia & akustatik = venusstatic. ppl might never thought bout that rite. cuz i rarely have friends who likes the band like i do.

just once. masa form 4, there was 2 guys, from different class in SBPI selandar. ok mengaku la masa dlu2 selalu bawak file (dpt free ms beli kreko) yang agak putih transparent tu.. n letak poster oag.. so when they saw my file, they called me 'oagurlz = oag gurl'. haha it was quite fun knowing ppl with the same interest as mine. nampak macam lawak kn bawak file gitu.. but back then stdents always carry files with posters of their fave band .. tp sekarang dah takde dah kot. zaman ni zaman iPad, tab sume. dah xkesah bawak file plastik camtu. tp whatever pun, every generation have their own culture and habits where any other gen. will not feel the same as we do. but for me. those who were born around late 1980's. their childhood experiences werent the same as the next gen. born in late 90's...cuz things just get too different now..

nway, glad i still have copies of the mp3. and music videos... cuz listening to these songs, makes it easier to reminisce back sweet memories of growing up..schools..friends..good friends...till then~

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What is Your Target for the Next 10 years??

Salam | Dear Readers.

Well, it has been quite a while since my last post. Been busy with thing at the uni completing my graduate project 1 and luckily I have successfully submitted my reports this morning..pheuw.. find some peace at last.

When I decided to enroll in this course last time, I was not quite sure which topic shall be my interest. Until one day when my current supervisor offered me a research title on Liquid Natural Gas. And now I fell in love with LNG thingy..why? because once I started to spend my days googling and reading about LNG technology, I can feel that this is the right choice for me to further my studies. FYI, I can already set my target for the next 10 years bcuz I've found my something which really caught my interest to know more.

Basically, next semester shall be one of the busiest ever. since i will be learning on my own on how to execute simulations of LNG using Ansys Fluent and Ansys Mechanical Software. Both of them are CFD, computational fluid dynamics. Where the concept are on finite volume and finite element respectively. I am quite nervous to start learning bcuz im afraid i might not finished to understand how they works on time and get the simulations correct with the perfect understanding on the concept! but if I do success... the opportunities are widely open especially when there is no one with LNG background studies are available in my Faculty now. The LNG information in Malaysia is currently very limited and we only have one LNG plant is Sarawak, the MLNG. But yet, though a few students have gone there for practical, apparently there is nothing much we can learn from their process etc. Its like everything is kept just for the industries solely.

If I can get through this stage, I can become someone who can contribute at least sumthing in the industry. And i wanted to be that someone. I will be attending Japanese Language Class starting next semester for 1 sem, who knows I may get the chance to visit Tokyo Gas, an LNG industry with very strong knowledge in simulation technology.. hehe. every success is initiated with dreams. so let me dream on that every single day of my life. =D

Anyway, just sharing some pictures on #MSSP program as it has already launch its 3rd stage recently.

See ya.
P/s: these images are edited and owned by me. but sure you can share these to your friends and no need to link me back. cuz its my duty to promote these merchants though they are not registered under my accounts. peace. have a nice day. find more ads on my google+

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Activate Your Mykad : Broken Link?

 Hi Readers | Salam

Apparently there is a problem when submitting the activation of mykad through online. But no worries, the complaint has been made yesterday and we shall wait for the HQ to take action. =D
Those who wants to activate your mykad can just email us at the below address for the mean time. Thank you!

[MSSP Authorized Agency]
H: 0137059404
F: Mykad Smart Shopper Kulai

Anyway, if you are in Sg Besi, drop by one of our new participating outlet, SoyJunction and get 10% discount on any items purchased when you show your mykad!~

Participating Outlet:
59, Jalan Tasik Utama 3, Medan Niaga Tasik Damai, Lake Fields Sg. Besi, 57100 Kuala Lumpur.
MyKad Member Discount:
Category by Location:
Business Category:

Monday, August 11, 2014

Register Mykad Online - Mykad Smart Shopper

Salam | Dear Readers

Ada lagi yang belum aktifkan mykad korang sebagai kad diskaun? Dun wori sebab system online activation sekarang sangat2 memudahkan semua orang untk be part of MSSP members..

Korang boleh click link bawah ni

Aktifkan Mykad Anda Disini atau boleh scan QR code ni..

Apa kelebihannya kalau korang aktifkan mykad?

1. Dapat Cash Rebate bila berbelanja.
2. Dapat kumpul point dan redeem fabulous prize from dari Affiliate Junction.

Nak tau kedai mana yang dah join anda boleh download apps from Play Store.
Play Store > MSSP > Mykad Smart Shopper Discover

This apps wills how you list of nearest shops/merchant yang dah register with the program. Details kedai seperti contact number, alamat dan GPS directions pun disediakan bagi kemudahan anda.

Once registered, anda boleh check sendiri accumulated points anda di website

Fasa 3 iaitu fasa pengiklanan telah pun officially launched on the 9th of August 2014 held in PICC Putrajaya sekali dibuat dengan open house raya 2014 Affiliate Junction.

Pioneer dan dealer-dealer di AJ mengucapkan terima kasih kepada mereka2 yang memberikan sokongan mahupun rejection terhadap AJ. Kerana komen dan nasihat, AJ telah menjadi lebih kuat kerana kami tahu untuk membina fasa kematangan dalam sesuatu perniagaan memerlukan pengorbanan yang berterusan.

This post was written on behalf of my hubby =D

[MSSP Authorized Agency]
H: 0137059404
F: Mykad Smart Shopper Kulai

Friday, July 4, 2014

Kerana Cinta..

Bila randomly cari background music utk projeck video saya, tetibe terdengar pulak satu lagu kat youtube, by Inteam & Mustika, lagu Kerana Cinta..

Tertarik dengan lirik nasyid ni... sebab bila dengar, bukan terus terfikir akan cinta sesama manusia, tetapi bagaimana dalam cinta antara manusia dan penciptanya...tergambar dalam fikiran bagaimana Rasulullah dan para sahabat Nabi pada suatu masa dulu yang sanggup berkorban segala-galanya kerana Cinta mereka kepada agama Islam dan pencipta kita, Allah SWT.

antara bait2 lirik nasyid tu...
...dan dimana terciptanya cinta, disitu rindu bermula...
...cinta itu tidak pernah meminta, tetapi memberi sepenuh rela...
...rasa bahagia biarpun sengsara, berkorban segala gala...
...semua kerana cinta, yang pahit manis dirasa...
...menghibur nestapa merawat luka damai di jiwa...

...dan dimana terciptanya cinta, disitu rindu bermula...
Bait yang pertama, pada saya ia menggambarkan jika manusia tidak mencintai agama, tuhannya, rasulnya.. manusia tidak akan rindu untuk menyebut, mengamal, dan mengasihi mereka dengan berzikir, beramal soleh dsb. Maka semakin lama, semakin dilupakan rasa sayang itu...sebabnya? kerana manusia itu sebenarnya tidak mencintai dengan hati, tapi hanya menunaikan kewajipan seharian dengan hati yg kosong. Dan Islam hanya pada namanya sahaja..

...cinta itu tidak pernah meminta, tetapi memberi sepenuh rela...
Allah SWT tidak pernah meminta apa2 dari makhluk ciptaanNya, segala suruhan yang menjadi kewajipan semua insan di bumiNya ni tidak lain hanyalah untuk kebaikan diri manusia itu sendiri. Menunjukkan bahawa Allah SWT itu maha penyayang, maha pengasih kepada seluruh hambanya walaupun manusia ramai yang tidak mengerti dan tidak perasan selama ini yang Allah SWT banyak mengasihi kita. Tapi kita masih lagi melakukan perkara yang ditegah. Jika kita benar sayangkan Pencipta kita, adakah kita sanggup korbankanlah masa, wang ringgit dan segalanya untuk berjihad di jalan Allah SWT? Fikir2kan lah..

...rasa bahagia biarpun sengsara, berkorban segala gala...
Jika kita baca kisah2 sahabat nabi yang sanggup diheret, dibakar dsb hanya untuk mempertahankan agama Allah SWT yang suci ini, mesti kita faham maksud cinta kepada Allah SWT dan para rasulNya. Walau seteruk sekejam mana mereka diperlakukan oleh manusia, mereka tetap teguh dengan agama Islam. Adakah kita umat Muhammad ini mampu untuk bertindak sedemikian dikala kemunculan Dajjal kelak? Apakah persediaan kita bagi menghadapi fitnah itu kelak? Jangan terlalu bersenang hati jika fizikal dajjal tiada di dalam tv/akhbar pada zaman ini, tapi ingatlah, perancangan Dajjal telah lama bermula dan lihat shj disekeliling kita pada hari ini, berapa ramai yang semakin jauh dari agama Allah. Ya Allah, nauzubillahiminzalik..

...semua kerana cinta, yang pahit manis dirasa...
Setiap manusia pasti akan melalui pahit manis kehidupan. Kadang2 kita berada di atas, kadang2 kita berada di bawah. Jika kita teguh mencintai Allah SWT, walau susah dan senang kita tetap bersamaNya. tetap teguh melakukan amar makruh nahi mungkar. Dan kebanyakkan mereka yang teguh bersama Islam sewaktu susah, Allah SWT akan memberi ganjaran pada mereka suatu masa nanti. Jika tidak di dunia, pasti di akhirat kelak. Janji Allah itu pasti.

...menghibur nestapa merawat luka damai di jiwa...
Disaat melalui kesedihan hati yang teramat sgt, jika mereka yang memilih untuk kembali mengingat penciptanya, mereka akan dapat merasakan bahawa luka kesedihan mereka terawat dengan mengingati janji2 Allah SWT kepada hamba2Nya. Dikala kesusahan yang menimpa hidup kita, jika kita memilih untuk berzikir dan membaca Al-Quran, bayangkan betapa banyak Dia berikan ketenangan dan kesabaran kepada kita bagi menghadapi semua itu.

Ya Allah, HambaMu ini bersyukur kerana semakin sedar akan tanggungjawab sebenar di muka bumi ini. Satu demi satu peringatan yang Kau berikan padaku, menjadikan aku semakin dekat dengan diriMu. :'(

Moga Ramadhan kali ini lebih bermakna berbanding yang telah lalu. insyaAllah...

Ikhlas dr,
Khairunnisa Kamarul Zaman