Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Meteor in Portland. The sky keeps so many secrets from the men.

Police officer's cam captures bright meteor in Maine, Portland. Have you seen the video?
Frankly i never see any meteor in my life. and this video made me think of how little we (human) know about the sky. I always think that there's a lot of things actually happens beneath us but its just that we do not have the knowledge on such things. The sky to me always seems so superior and full of secrets.

Even if you try to think how the day and night happen, at the end after you learnt about how the earth rotates at the exact speed and angle, you will tend to wonder, who controls them all??

Because even the simplest thing that we do, there are cause and effects. ie. for the rice to be cooked, there must be heat and we human start and control the heat from the stove so that after a period of time, when the rice is cooked we can turn the heat off, then only we can eat it.

So I believe, whatever happens in this world, there are causes and effects. And every creation has a purpose.

Men do not create something with no intention nor purposes. Even now as a PhD student, the research that I am doing must have a purpose. There's no research done without a purpose... Because everything that we do, there are targets that we want to achieve.

Why do you buy groceries? 
So you can cook for the family and everyone will not be hungry.

Why do you go to school?
So you can get proper education and later get the knowledge to get a job or to survive living in this world.

Why do you complaints?
Because you are not satisfied.

Why kids throwing tantrums?
Because they dont get what they want.

Well, everything that happens, there must be a reason and so does your creation. You living in this very earth, there must be reasons. For those who haven't found the answers yet, you must find the answer soon. Or else you will be living in loss.

After all this years of working day and night, you eat, sleep, wakes up in the morning, meeting friends, and these things you keep doing it every single day just to find out that someday, you will leave this routine and buried in the ground, dead, and doing nothing. So what is the purpose of you living in this earth? 

What if, the life on this earth is 'an examination' before we enter a whole new world after we die? Will you do good deeds? Will you respect others? Will you care for the orphans, the elderly and love your parents endlessly? 

If you ask me, Yes, I will definitely do good things to pass this 'world' examination. But in order to do so, there are endless tests that i have to face.

Because no one can pass an examination with flying colors without trying hard to pass it right.? There must be plans, lots of hard work, dedications and discipline. 
So if you really care what will happen to you after you die, you must find the answer to the purpose of life. There's no boundary in seeking knowledge it's just that along the way, you must learn to respect others and never to belittle what others believe in. Because who knows, the one that you belittle hold the truth and answers that you seek. Even you do not know that. That's why, after thorough research then only we can judge or give opinions. Don't just become a mere follower of other people. Because smart people see differently. And you have to be smart enough to keep on learning.

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Nisa Yachiru

Friday, April 29, 2016

9 Tahun "Look-Back" =D

Haha entry kali ni mungkin agak kelakar n special cuz apparently, banyak gambar kali ni yang tak pernah disiarkan sebelum ni. Actually terbukak folder2 lama dalam hard disk yg pakai kat uni dulu. thats why terfikir nk buat macam face timeline kat blog nih. huhuu. Mmg nampak la beza bila hampir 10 tahun kan... hehe. and that means im getting older. obviously.. 

masa zaman u dulu 2007-2010

ni zaman baru start kerja 2011-2012

zaman kerja dan lepas kahwin. hehe

zaman sambung master. lol

and this is me now. 

so bnyk ke beza nye.. haha obviously! paling ketara lepas kahwin kot.
nampak la matang siket..

kualiti gambar pun mempengaruhi sebab dulu pakai camera sony ericson je. sekarang dslr etc. so mesti ada pengaruh jugak la kan. hehe

have a nice day
Never Forget The People Who Helped You Get To Where You Are Today!


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sometimes...i do listen

Sometimes i do listen to this kind of songs...

You're my everything
The sun that shines above you makes the bluebird sing
The stars that twinkle way up in the sky
Tell me I'm in love

When I kiss your lips
I feel the rolling thunder to my fingertips
And all the while my head is in a spin
Deep within , I'm in love

You're my everything
And nothin' really matters
But the love you bring

You're my everything
To see you in the morning
With those big , brown eyes

You're my everything
Forever and a day
I need you close to me

You're my everything 
You never have to worry , never fear
For I am near

When I hold you tight
There's nothing that can harm you in the lonely night
I'll come to you and keep you safe and warm
Yet so strong , my love

You're my everything
I live upon the land and see the sky above
I swim within her ocean , sweet and warm
There's no storm , my love