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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sharing: Doa Amalan Untuk Kesihatan

Salam | Blog Readers

Sebenarnya untuk  menjaga kesihatan bukanlah susah, cume kena ada usaha. FYI, 3 benda yang saya rasa penting untuk mendisiplinkan diri saya sendiri dlm menjaga kesihatan ialah....

1. Doa
2. Makan Bersederhana
3. Amalan Makanan Sunnah

Bersyukur sgt sebab bila sambung belajar ni banyak masa ada kat rumah, tak terkejar-kejar di office lagi macam last time. So lebih banyak quality time dirumah bersama hubby and buku2 ilmu dunia/akhirat. Since ayah saya ada share ilmu2 & doa yang diturunkan oleh alim ulama tempat beliau berkumpul belajar agama di Melaka, sy pun nak share kan lah amalan seharian yang sy mulakan start dari Subuh hingga sebelum tidur. Ringkas tetapi bermanfaat.

1. Doa Amalan Untuk Kesihatan

a) Selepas solat subuh dan asar.

Pastu saya akan baca 'Ayat 33' sebagai pendinding diri, keluarga dan harta benda. Boleh google memang ramai orang share ayat 33 ni.

1. Surah alBaqarah ayat 1-5
2. Surah alBaqarah ayat 255-257
3. Surah alBaqarah ayat 284
4. Surah alBaqarah ayat 285-286
5. Surah alA'raf ayat 54-56
6. Surah alIsra' ayat 110
7. Surah asSyaffat ayat 1-10
8. Surah ar-Rahman ayat 33-35
9. Surah alHasyr ayat 21-24
10. Surah alJinn ayat 3

Then baca doa ni

b) Selepas solat sunat Dhuha baca doa ni...

dan lepas tu saya akan baca ayat 1000 dinar, moga Allah murahkan rezeki hidup di dunia dan akhirat.

dan sebelum belajar saya akan baca doa di bawah ni. Ada jugak doa cepat menghafal dan tak mudah lupa cuma taj boleh nak share sebab dalam format pdf. Setiap pagi hanya ambik masa dalam setengah jam je untuk completekan semua doa ni. InsyaAllah Allah tolong kita... =)

Selain daripada berdoa, saya juga mengamalkan makanan sunnah dan supplement spt..

1. Lepas subuh masa perut kosong, makan satu sudu habbatus sauda dan madu (tapi madu biasa selalu miss makan sebab madu duk kat dapur, jauh cket dr bilik :P)

2. Makan kismis seelok nya nombor genap, tapi saya kunyah je dan x kira sbb masa study mane ingt nak kire kismis. hehe

3. Kalo rajin ada gak buat bfast, tapi kalau banyak assignment memang skip bfast n makan lunch je. Lagipun makan kismis memang kenyang....

4. Lepas lunch makan sebiji Vitamin C sebab kat dapur mmg susah nak ada stok buah2an yang konsisten. So ni extra effort lah..

5. Lpas dinner makan sebiji Vitamin E - kurangkan parut pimples. eheks..

6. Sebelum tidor makan lagi satu sudu habbatus sauda (wajib)

Ok tu je yang saya boleh share kali ni.

Harap dapat beri manfaat pada semua...yang penting amalkan doa. sebab Dia yang beri kita kesihatan dan perlindungan, bukan dari ubat2an...

My own testimoni bila amalkan perkara2 kat atas ni..

1. Sejak berhenti kerja memang tak pernah lagi pergi klinik. Alhamdulillah...
2. Lepas dhuha memang rasa tenang, senang nak start study...
3. Hidup lebih teratur.. reduces your stress level..

dan byk lagi.. yg mungkin sy sendiri tak perasan...

thats about it. thankss.....

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mid Sem Break!

Salam | Blog Readers..

It has been days since the mid sem break started. Now is Thursday, 2 more days to go for me to enjoy this 1 week break. well, actually not really a one week break since most of the lecturers cancel their class since last week. pfft...

My and hubs went for a short vacay for 3D2N at cameron highland last sabtuday. I will later do a short review, cuz we took tons of pictures while we were there apparently. haha. Anyway, I need to prepare for the test and quizzes and lots of assignments shall be due next week. So after holiday is studying and cramming time!

ignore the messy room!haha / butterfly farm. found huge hibiscus there.

i will do a review later... cuz at current im busy studying for tests and quizzes.. just dont have the time for blogging that much.. anyway, i have just downloaded the LINE for Windows 8. It was fun though since its easier for me to chat wif my hubs as I always have to refer to laptops for notes in slideshows and youtube to aid my studies.

stay connected with dear hubs tho he's out workin'... hehe


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What's Wrong with Malaysia?

Actually I am here to write about Malaysia is because of the disappointment knowing Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim is once again being blame by various nonsense accusations, which is obviously planned by the Government. So why Malaysia Government is afraid of DSAI since Mahathir era? Accusing him of sodomy, MH 370 hijacks, etc...

I may not strictly following the nonsense political issues in Malaysia but we the citizens, especially the youth knows what DSAI is doing all this time shows his commitments to save the country from being monopolized by the idiots ministries who talks a lot of stupid nonsense things yet never even fulfill their promises for the past decades.

Can you imagine if there are ministers in your countries who...
1. when people protest on the fuel price hikes... the ministers claimed it is because of the global fuel hikes, yet whenever the price go down, they never tell us. And nowadays, since Malaysia's debt has reach 501.6 billion in 2012 (source:Bank Negara), it is estimated that in 2020, The IMF forecast the debt level for the years 2013 to 2017. The annual increase in debt is predicted to be higher, at a yearly RM55.4 billion. The projected debt level for 2017 is RM779 billion. what the heck!

2. When they cut down the subsidies (though i believe the subsidy thingy is not really true, they are just put on papers), they claimed it is for the sake of country's development but they never admitted that it's because of the economy in the country is getting worst day by day, but all the media and televisions only shows how good the economy in the country is, a lot of investors coming in.. bla bla bla nonsense.. why cant they admit it? why they must hide the real facts from the citizens?? they better come clean about things happening in Malaysia if they want the citizens to trust them anyway.

3. Recent Audits reveal how bad the management system in Malaysia.
The opposition raised a few issues regarding the revealing of report from the Audit Leader, among the issue arises was the lost of 1.33 million RM police assets (guns/handcuff etc), K-pop exorbitant cost during National Youth Day, and the use of 106 credit cards without LIMITS in Khazanah.

4. The ministers are not there to help the citizens to control the issue, but they are there to give options to us. ie. If chicken price hikes, dont eat chicken. If you dont like how we rule the country, leave the country and stay somewhere else. (true story) Where on earth we can get the professionals to speak that way but only in Malaysia. Totally rude and selfish. And yet, you might wonder what the prime minister is doing to control his ministers? well, NOTHING. He is such a coward who do not dare to confront the opponents in the parliament. Search all the youtubes videos he will only appear in the parody videos. for sure..

ugh, there is a lot more...i just dont have the heart to write about the insanity that happens here nemore.

While for DSAI, he was blamed for sodomy which was planned by Mahathir and his allies. 9 years in imprisonment, hit by the police while in the jail, and other physical harassment which should not be done to any prisoners. I was also informed that when DSAI had the nerve problems, it was because of idiots who plan to kill him slowly by mixing poisons with paints and painted the wall where DSAI stays. When he needs treatment because he cant even stand up at that time, the ministry ignore his request. Fortunately his lawyer fight for it and win the case, so DSAI can undergo treatment, but he chose to fled oversea for medical helps.
Imagine how cruel are they? It is sad knowing some people still cannot see the gov hidden agenda all this while.

Enough is enough, im sick & tired of the current governments idiocy and im praying everyday hoping that Allah SWT will help us show the truth to the whole world. Who they really are. And now, they are showing their idiocy to the whole world when they try to solve the MH370 missing plane issue which is an international crisis.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Unofficial Job Offer in UTM

Yesterday we had a visit to petroleum labs in the faculty. From drilling labs to well simulation lab. Including petroleum lab which is accredited with ISO 17025 certification. Visits to students lab is quite frustrating because they are lacking of knowledge in what is the actual working lab environment is. i.e. I asked 2 of the students who were busy working on their final year project, doing analysis in the drilling lab. Most of them are busy preparing and analysing muds with different properties to enhance drilling process. Unfortunately they only know about standard operating procedures and not aware of the actual standard methods they should be referring to. Then we went to other labs, 2 Iranian PhD students were doing some labworks on the usage of carbon dioxide with surfactants. Visit the the petroleum lab which was awarded with ISO 17025 was great. I was amazed on the cleanliness and how they organized the equipments. No wonder the lab can get ISO certified. This is what I called a clean lab, unlike the previous lab where I worked with. pfft.

Dr did asked me about my work experience asking whether I have the IKM certificate to apply for Approved Signatory personnel. The current personnel is going to resign soon so the faculty needs someone from science background the lead the petroleum lab to maintain ISO accreditation. FYI, engineering grads cannot apply as a registered chemist in IKM, if they do need to be a registered chemist, they need to take exams, i supposed. The lecturer unofficially asked me to replace the lab personnel after I finished my master's degree later. Yeah perhaps its a good opportunity for me since this is what I love to do, managing oil labs. But I still love to pursue my PhD later but perhaps if I landed a job here after I finished my masters's degree, I will do my PhD as a part timer. Hm thats about it. Need to read notes for the quiz tonight. daa~

p/s: Hoping to hear good news on MH370 air plane.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tengok Movie Vs Siapkan Assignment

Ok sape menang ek? tengok movie or..siap assignment LPG .... jawapannye.. dua2. lol

sebenarnye lebih ke tgk movie dpd assignment. ahahh.
k bai!