Friday, December 19, 2014

Tempat Makan Best di Kulai & Senai

Korang lapar dan sedang mencari tempat makan best di sekitar Kulai dan Senai??
 Korang patut cube makan kat kedai2 bawah nih..

Check em out.!

picture credit to google (bukan gambar sebenar)

Nasi Lemak!!

Kalau area Kulai ni yang saya tahu ada 2 je kedai nasi lemak yang saya rasa best. Kalau ada yang lain tu mesti sebab tak pernah g lagi lah. so tak boleh nak review kat sini.

Kedai Nasi Lemak best area kulai ni

#1 : Nasi Lemak Bandar Putra
#2 : Nasi Lemak Wak Kentut

Antara 2 kedai ni confirm lah wak kentut lagi popular, tapi pada saya nasi lemak bandar putra lagi sedap daripada wak kentut. masing2 nye selera lah kn. cuz i like the sambal and nasi. memang sedap. kalau wak kentut maybe sambal dan nasi nye kureng sikit compare dengan bandar putra, tapi kalau yang tak pernah makan di wak kentut mesti rasa sedap je. ayam goreng, wak kentut nye lagi crispy, tapi saya tak suka sangat. Kalau Bandar putra? medium crispy, tapi tepung ayam goreng kat bandar putra lagi ok, maybe cuz its not too excessive.. just nice. nasi dan sambal pun maveles. perfect combination!

lokasi nasi lemak bandar putra

Nasi Lemak Bandar Putra ada jual mee kari (sgt sedap jugak!), karipap besar, & nasi lemak boleh tambah telur.

Nasi Lemak Wak Kentut, jual nasi lemak je rasanya. ta banyak pilihan. hmm.

So overall rating:

Nasi Lemak Bandar Putra

Nasi Lemak Wak Kentut

picture credit to google (bukan gambar sebenar)
Mee Goreng Mamak!!

Setakat ni kalau tekak rase nak makan mee goreng mamak, memang g kedai ni je, sebab kalau makan kat kedai mamak pun tak sesedap kat cni. hehe.. pendapat jelah :P

#1 Restoran D'Serambi

kitorang panggil restoren di seram. heheh.
sedap2. cume tak recommended order juice kot, sebab sangat airrr...

So overall rating:

Mee goreng mamak d'serambi, jalan merbau bandar putra

picture credit to google (bukan gambar sebenar)
Nasi Ayam Penyet!!

yang ni memang cakap betul, setakat nih banyak2 ayam penyet yang ktorang pergi, sume xley challenge sedapnye ayam penyet kat sini. Restoran Tiga Abdul, sebelah Econsave Senai.
Masa zaman undergrad di UTM dulu, memang selalugak la makan nasi ayam penyet di area Taman U, tapi bila da try ayam penyet 3 abdul, confirm yang lain2 tu jadi average je. Ni baru ori =P

review blogger lain

Sampai sini je dulu, next time sambung lagi!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Design Ideas: Bedroom for Girls

 credit to: irakodesign

one of my fave so far.

credit to: http://dvatelier.com/

the wallpaper really makes this room beautiful.

 credit to: http://pennyrudolph.com/

i like the bed frame.

 credit to: http://luvne.com/

i like the white and pink color combination plus the bedding is sooo cute.

credit to: http://www.alldoing.com/

what i really like about this bedroom design is the color combination really suits with my preferences. =)

thts about it~

Friday, December 5, 2014

Facial Mist Review

Ok post kali ni nak review pasal facial mist aje. dah tengah kelam kabut siapkan asemen dan technical paper untuk submit in less than 2 weeks,
nak jugaaak share petty stuff cam gini. huhh..~~

1. Cosway Bioglo

the story goes like this..
Im starting to use facial mist sejak 2011 kot. Masa tu selalu gak la singgah cosway sebab suke beli pewangi sachet apple dia tu. bau sedap sangat tapi cepat nau hilang bau.

Then one day nih ngah belek2 pewangi then ternampak la facial mist bioglo nih. nampak cambest, terus grab bawak balek (lepas bayar lah). ok la first time pakai macam agak lekit tapi memang glowing. ala2 korea jugak lah muke melayu jawa ku neh. kah kah. (time tu korea tak viral lagi) 

        -gambar tahun 2011-
..in conclusion..

1. Muke glowy
3. Kulit tak memerah
4. Sejukkan muka

1. Agak melekit
2. Bau macam garam laut (erk x best)
3. Kalau lame sangat tadah muke bawah matahari, tak selesa >~<
4. gatal2 kulit kalau lame sangat pakai.

Tak de repeat purchase pun mase tu, pakai sampai finished 2/3 volume. then xde hati nak pakai facial mist lagik.

my rating for this product: 3 itik je

2. Face Shop Facial Mist

Tak tau lak camne terbeli facial mist ni. Bese la bila masuk kedai korea cam rambang mate tengok benda2 kiut. haha
Produk nih macam so-so lah. tak melekit tahap bioglo, kurang glowy, dan kulit macam gatal2 lahh. 'dame-dame'! x suke ok! ok buang je tak ya bising2.

my rating for this product: 1 itik je (duhh)

3. Evian Facial Mist

Pastu semalam pergi watson nak restock pencuci muke. Belikan sekali hubby nye nivea mud foam mud cleanser (lelaki memang tak pernah tuka brand facial wash ekkk) yang hubby pakai, plus my nivea mud foam for gurlss..since watson de promosi 50% off utk purchase with purchase, terus grab evian facial mist yang ada depan kaunter for the price of RM9.90.
and guess what! i looove it.

1. takde bau
2. tak lekit
3. muke sejukk
4. pakai lame sikit nanti muke jadi naturally glowing, bukan sebab lekit2 mcm bioglo.
5. takde irritation langsung. seriously.

Tak jumpe lagi. (maybe kena try tadah muke bawah matahari kot. haha)

my rating for this product: 5 itik (ho yeh)

evian memang best!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Five Damaged Things I'd Love To Repair

Dear Readers,

I was kinda inspired to write this when I saw Dollie Solanki blogpost. So here we are...my very own 'five damaged things i'd love to repair'.

please dont be offended with us eating McD, It was on 2009. Now it has been 1 year since i boycotted the brand =)

We were good friends. Roommates for 2 years. But then life happened and there were conflicts between us which involves a few other friends. Things got awkward. We were separated and I spent most of my time outside the room. There were a lot of unintentionally mis-communication between us which leads to a bigger gap in our relationship. At that moment I just hope that the next semester i will definitely transfer to other room which I did. I was so uneasy with the coldness and perhaps a change of air might benefit us more than what we can expect.

I regret things aren't the same as they used to be. I do hope if she's somehow reading my blogpost, I'm apologizing for whatever things I did in the past which I might hurt her unintentionally. She is the best roommate I ever had in my life and I'd definitely love to "repair" this friendship and take it back to what it was. .

Boarding School Experience

I was offered a place in one of Integrasi School in Melaka when I was in Form 4. But I only stayed there for 1 year. Every single day in there were suc*, I beg my father would take me out and let me attend a nonboarding school near my house. I was quite rebellious. I was called by the counselor one time because of something which I cant revealed :P. I even got very low marks for most of science subjects because I cannot concentrate on my studies. But when I come to think about it now, it feels kind of wasted since if I were to stay and excel in my studies there, maybe the opportunities will be different although I did excel in my SPM a year later after i got transferred.

Warcraft II Games

When I was in primary school, I was so addicted with warcraft II game. Mine was just an offline game because I wasnt really exposed to online games at that time. It was very very addictive. I would rush home after school and spend hours in front of the computer. On weekend, when i started to play, the longest time i would spent was around 6 hours non stop. That could be a reason why I had migraine later. The level was so high and I have gathered a lot of things as far as I can remembered. But one day my youngest brother played the game and accidentally saved his game at mine!! wth??? i just couldnt even look at the computer later because i was too upset. i remembered not talking with my brother for a few days. what a life... =( i just wished the game is saved somewhere so i can just continue from that level..

Sinus Medication
When I was little (primary until secondary school), I used to have severe sinus problem. i was sneezing every morning after I took my morning bath, when my mother cooks spicy sambal and even when I eat seafood =(. It was very uncomfortable until one day my father bought me a bottle of medicine in capsule form from a sinsei shop (old chinese tabib). But it was nicely packed just like buying vitamins from blackmore's brand. I started to stop sneezing and having sinus just after a few days. No other medication has able to do that before I took that herbs. When i finished one bottle, i decided not to buy again since my sinus has completely gone. years after years, the sinus came back but not as severe as before. but then when i would want to purchase the medication, i was totally forgot what was the name and how the bottle looked like. kinda frustrated. only if i knew...hmm

I want Lily Back in my Life

Lily was the first cat I ever bought. I was working in Senawang at that time. I bought her and send her back to my parents house. It was all because of me that she died. She died when she delivered her babies. One of them was stuck inside her womb, strangled. I was working at that time. It was at night, and weekend. My parents can only send them in the morning. But she died because it was too late. i was wronged.. it was all my faults.. if i could turn back time, this is the number one thing i would want to repair..

Monday, October 20, 2014

Sos Pasta Kimball yang Best

Salam | Dear Readers.

For those who already knew me, they will know I love to cook pasta. It's because I just love the simplicity of cooking the meal without leaving my kitchen in a mess. Before I started to use this sauce as the main ingredient for my cooking, I used to use fresh tomatoes for my tomato paste. But it will take hours to simmer the tomatoes for it to becomes a tomato paste. I do not prefer buying canned tomato paste cuz i just dont like it. pfft. the taste is different. Anyway starting this year, I've tried a pasta sauce which I love most. Its the Kimball Mushroom Sauce. wink2..

So here is my simple recipe to make a simple yet delicious pasta sauce.

Pasta Sauce Yachiru Style

1. Tumis Garlic + Onion + Blackpepper (Coarse Type) 
2. Cili boh - Ratio 5:1 (kimball:cili) - kalau guna cili flakes skip this step.
2. Tambah Sauce Kimball Beberapa Sudu
3. Tambah Chili Flakes 
4. Meatballs (bese dah perap dengan blackpepper + garlic) n goreng sikit.
atau nak lagi sedap
5. Daging/ayam yang dah direbus + air rebusan. (terbaek!!)
6. Tambah Air kalau perlu.
7. Garam/Gula

note: utk vegetarian, just change the meat to carrot. i always have carrot + pasta sauce if i'm on vege diet.


p/s: selalu guna sos kimball spaghetti untuk masak tomyam (tanpa guna perasa/pes tomyam). Menu lain pun akan guna jugak, cth lala masak serai... the sauce turns out very nice! believe me.